About Us

InFocus Community Newspaper. Bringing Communities into Focus.

InFocus is a community newspaper that is designed to allow communities to shed light on issues that are normally overlooked by the mainstream media. This volunteer driven publication will focus on community-based journalism, providing coverage focused on individuals, neighborhoods, suburbs and community life in Trinidad & Tobago.

InFocus was founded by veteran media photographer Krishna Maharaj. With over 45 years of experience in the media, Maharaj brings with him a wealth of experience in photo journalism.

“Everyone has a story to tell. There is always something going on in communities around the country, that the general public isn’t aware of. We are here to tell those stories.”, said Maharaj.

Maharaj is joined by a small group of volunteers, including former students, friends and family, who shared his vision and offered to assist him. He lamented the fact that hyperlocal stories are seen as unimportant by many, but he hopes to change that with the introduction of InFocus.

We invite non-profits organizations, community groups, schools, community sports teams and individuals to share their stories and photos with us. We are here to put you in focus.

InFocus will be published bimonthly (once every 2 months) and will be available free of charge at select locations around the country. We will also provide an online copy for those who cannot get their hands on a physical copy.

Our Team

Krishna Maharaj – General Manager

Riyadh Bakshi – Editor/Graphic Designer

Davy Gopaul – Chief Photographer

Vinayaka Marajh – Senior Photo Journalist

Krystal Joseph-Thompson – Senior Photo Journalist

Skarlett Lluvia – Photo Journalist

Kavita Ramcharitar – Photo Journalist