Sunita Bissoon
Despite a life of poverty, mom of 3 provides support to educate her children.

Faith In A Time Of Despair

Mom of 3: Being poor should not deprive your children of an education.

Despite living in poverty together with her three children and husband, Sunita Bissoon gets up every morning, prepares whatever she has and heads out to walk with her children to their school a mile and half away. She makes this trek twice daily to ensure their safety.

Sunita Bissoon, Dhanraj Baboolal and their 3 children.

“Being poor is no excuse to deprive your child or children of an education” said Bissoon. She is the wife of Dhanraj Baboolal and the mother of three, Joel,7, Jayda,6, and Jade,3. The family of five from Coora Road, Siparia smiled as they related their story to InFocus.

“Despite our living conditions I try to teach my children about life, that they should not allow themselves to be dragged into anything illegal. We know how easy it is for these things to happen to children especially when you are poor.” said Bissoon. She continued, “On weekends I spend most of my time with them doing their school work, although we may not have food to eat.”

Her husband, Dhanraj noted that his educational background is minimal and he does odd jobs as a handyman when the opportunities arise.

“There is no shame in being a handyman, as I would normally spend the day out looking for work and return back to our one room home.” he said. Their home, is a structure built on their family’s land using rejected plywood along with curtains given to them by neighbors.

Dhanraj met Sunita at Quinam Beach many years ago and since then they have held on to each other. In spite of their struggle, Baboolal said that he would continue to stand by his wife because they have a great relationship.

“Many times, people in this position, they would look for the easiest way out by going separate, searching for a better life. But I am going to stick with my wife and children even if we have nothing to eat when the day is up.” said Baboolal. “My main concern is our children; we bring them into the world and it is our duty to provide for them.” he added.

Baboolal said, “Sometimes I wonder when our life would get better, but I have faith in God, he has the answer. We are appealing for building material and if one is kind enough to employ me, I am willing to work to make a better life for my family”.

A friend advised the family that they should apply for some form of public assistance given their circumstances. Heeding their advice, Bissoon said that she went to the National Insurance Board to apply for public assistance but was told that she is not entitled as her husband gets a day’s work every now and then.

“My three-year-old, Jade is another of cause for concern because she has been suffering with a lung infection more than a year now.” said Bissoon.

With a smile on his face, Dhanraj and Sunita’s eldest child Joel told InFocus “I hope someday I would become a doctor so I can care for children who are sick like my sister.”

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Story by Krishna Maharaj
Photos by Davy Gopaul