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Picture Me This

Picture Me This

Walk into Webster’s Mini Mart in Cocorite and you may notice David Ronald Webster with a pencil in hand, busy at work on his next artistic masterpiece. Webster, a self-taught artist, hopes to inspire his community with his art.


David Webster at his mini-mart in Cocorite Trinidad
David Webster at his mini-mart in Cocorite Trinidad

Webster was born in 1960 and spent his childhood in the vicinity of Belmont, where he grew up with his parents, Ms. Lena Webster, and Mr. Rudolph Corby.  As a child, Mathematics was his favorite subject, but despite this he failed his Common Entrance examination. With no interest in repeating the exam, he decided not to attend Secondary School.

“My mother wanted me to go back and I told her no. I wanted to do underwater welding. I used to watch it on TV and was amazed by the work.” said Webster.

However, his level of education was not sufficient to pursue this career, so he took up a job at a welding shop, where he made $5 a week while learning the welding trade. Webster is currently employed as a welder at the Ministry of Works & Transport.

In his youth, Webster would also assist his father, who made Carnival costumes in a room at the back of their home. It was there that he discovered his artistic talent.

“I used to help my father make Mas for medium sized bands. I was 10 years old when I started “seeing things” on people.” he stated.

“I would sit and look at them come and go. Looking at them I saw not only their faces, but lines, shapes and forms. I kept telling myself, I could draw that just as is.”

As he grew older, so did his skills, leaving his family and friends fascinated by his work. At the age of 17 he completed his first portrait and since then his work continued to electrify everyone that came across his drawings.

While he prefers hand drawn art using pencils, he plans to move on to hyper realistic acrylic painting.

 “I have grown very fond of realistic pieces. Now that I have mastered it, I want to move on to hyper-realistic pieces. I want to do that.” said Webster.


Webster is the husband of Deborah Webster, father of two and grandfather of two, ages 4 and 3 respectively. He credits them for supporting him in his artistic and business endeavors.

“I love my family, I know they would see me as loving, caring and always there for them. I admire how much they love and respect me.” he said in a joyous tone.


Webster stated he would like to continue serving his community even though there are many negatives in the world that keep people unhappy.

“I find happiness in seeing other people happy, so I try to make them happy through my art.”

Webster offered this advice to our readers and the public at large; stay focused and follow your dreams.

“Focus on your dreams no matter how long it takes. It took years of sacrifice for me to open my business.” He concluded, “When you meet good people, decent people, honest people, just hold on to them.”

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